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Budget Questionnaire

The diocesan budget process for 2021 has begun, and as the Budget Committee enters upon its deliberations, it hopes to inform them with as clear as possible an understanding of the financial situations of our congregations amid the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. To that end, we hope that as many as possible of our congregations, whatever their financial situation, will complete the questionnaire below as fully as they are able. Thanks in advance for doing so!


2020 Budget Questionnaire
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What was the NOI of your congregation in 2019?
Did your congregation receive?
How would you rate the effects on your congregation so far of your Diocesan Emergency Grant?
How would you rate the effects so far of your congregation's PPP loan?
Your congregation's income since the onset of Covid-19 (excluding Diocesan Emergency Grants and PPP Loans)
Is the pandemic's effect so far on your congregations income?
If your income is down, what is/are the reason(s) for that?
Before the onset of Covid-19, approximately what percentage of your income came from rentals?
Please rate how well set your congregation is to pay its full diocesan apportioned share in 2021.
Has your congregation has to let staff go as a result of the pandemic
When do you think that things will look better for your congregation, financially speaking?
Diocesan programming was cut for 2020 to enable us to reduce your apportioned share obligation by 25%. Which three programs, if any, have you missed the most/would you most like to see restored?
Pick your top 3 (max)

Chief of Finance and Operations

Ms. Esslie Hughes
Chief of Finance and Operations

Office: 212-316-7409
Fax: 212-316-7481