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Positions Open For Clergy


Updated June 21, 2021

Updates, changes in status or new entries in Bold (listed alphabetically in each category.)

Clergy applying for any position in the Episcopal Diocese of New York are required to submit a current Resume and Office of Transition Ministry Portfolio. The clergyperson is responsible for downloading and sending their OTM Portfolio to the parish contact person, with a copy to the Canon for Transition Ministry, Canon Nora Smith, at:


Please Note: additional materials may be required by the parish, and clergy are advised to check with each parish to be certain that all required materials have been submitted.


Click on church/institution name to link to their website.


Receiving Names

None at this time


All Angels’ Church, Manhattan
Large, energetic evangelical church on New York City’s Upper West Side. Deep community connections. ASA 250+
Late Winter 2021

Priest-in-Charge. Full-time. Housing Provided.
Anglo-Catholic style worship. ASA 50+
Early Spring 2021
Priest-in-Charge. Part-time. Housing Not Provided.
Small inclusive community church. ASA 18+
Early Spring 2021
Priest-in-Charge. Part-time. Housing Not Provided.
Historic Church and Cemetery in Hudson Valley near Bard College campus. ASA 30+
Spring 2021
Rector. Full-time. Housing Provided.
Located across from the Roosevelt Mansion. Family parish with deep local history and engagement. ASA 80+
Fall 2021
Rector. Full-time. Housing Provided
Large community church with traditional worship, renowned music program and arts outreach ministry. ASA 220+
Fall 2021


Vocational Deacons

Congregations desiring a vocational deacon or vocational deacons desiring placement contact the Rev. Deacon Denise J. LaVetty, Director, Diaconal Formation Program by email at:


Transition Office Contacts

The Rev. Canon Nora Smith
Canon for Transition Ministry, Intake Officer

Cell: 917-319-3959
Office: 212-316-7421

Mr. Alito Orsini
Liaison to Canon for Ministry, Liaison to Canon for Transition Ministry

Office: 212-316-7414
Fax: 212-932-7368

Deacon Transitions Contact

The Rev. Deacon Denise J. LaVetty
Director of Deacon Formation and Transition