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The 2016 Diocesan Convention

Bishops’ Addresses and Eucharist Homily

Convention Highlights

The Canonical Changes proposed as part of the Diocesan Strategic Plan were passed unanimously, with the exception of an amendment that would have changed the majority needed to amend a canon from two-thirds to a simple majority.

The Budget was passed without changes.

Minimum Clergy Compensation was raised by 4% effective January 1, 2017. The new minimums are:

  • Ordained fewer than 3 years: $43,000
  • Ordained 3 to 10 years: $47,900
  • Ordained 10 to 15 years: $48,400
  • Ordained over 15 years: $54,800

Bishop’s Crosses were awarded to Nell Braxton Gibson and the Rev. Canon Susan C. Harriss.
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Resolutions Passed (pdf)

Address/Report Texts, Election Results and Other Documents


Homilía De La Rvdma Obispa Mary D Glasspool Pdf

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Resolutions Passed At The 240th Diocesan Convention Pdf

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Informe Del Rvdmo Obispo Allen K Shin Pdf

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Trustees Report Ethical Investment Guidelines Pdf

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Bishop Shin's Report To 2016 Convention Pdf

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Election Results 2016 Convention Pdf

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Bishop Dietsche's 2016 Convention Address Pdf

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Bishop Glasspool's Homily Pdf

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Dalits By The Rev Joshua Samuel Pdf

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Informe De La Revdma Obispa Mary D Glasspool Pdf

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