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Episcopal Charities Contacts

Ms. Mary Beth Sasso

Executive Director, Episcopal Charities

Telephone: 212-316-7403; Fax: 212-316-7431

Mary Beth Sasso provides staff leadership and responsibility for day-to-day operations of Episcopal Charities. Includes oversight of the administration

Mr. Henry Enright

Director of Development, Episcopal Charities

Telephone: 212-932-7376; Fax: 212-316-7431

Henry Enright heads the fundraising efforts of Episcopal Charities

Ms. Leeanna Varga

Director of Programs, Episcopal Charities

Telephone: 212-316-7426; Fax: 212-316-7431

Leeanna Varga is responsible for oversight of all grant-making and program assistance activities including grants management, program development, and program relations. She also oversees Episcopal Charities’ social media, web site, and electronic communications.

Ms. Amalia Vavala

Administrative Assistant, Episcopal Charities

Telephone: 212-316-7575

Ms. Emily Collie-Beard

Volunteer Coordinator, Episcopal Charities

Ms. Annika Warrick

Program Fellow, Episcopal Charities

Telephone: 212-932-7349